INKBRUSHMOOD VOL. 1 (+updates)

INKBRUSHMOOD VOL. 1! A Zen, mindfulness, and Japanese art digital zine.

Dear Y’all: Long time no type! I hope you’re faring well. Though it’s been a while since I posted, I come baring good news: IKB’s FIRST digital issue is now available for download at ko-fi!

For a $3 donation, you get a zine with articles about classic Japanese art and ukiyo-e greats like Hokusai, discussions about Zen lore, and eye treats for the senses (Zenses?).

The donation will help keep this small abode running. I hope to publish future zines on a quarterly basis, and eventually have some physical copies (and other goodies) for sale.

Peep this preview:

Excerpt from Hokusai’s Cranes by RL
Excerpt from When Dreaming Leads to Awareness by Rosa Yin
Scattered Writing: The Art of Hon’Ami Koetsu

Check out the full zine at Enjoy!


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