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Rosemarie Bloom Delights With “Sakura”, Zen Poetry Collection

In her debut digital chapbook, “Sakura”, Rosemarie Bloom stuns and delights with her collection of poetry about mindfulness, the nature of existence, and those fleeting moments of self-transcendence.

Scattered throughout the book like cherry blossoms in the breeze, Bloom also reflects more extensively about human condition in a series of meditations about anger, sadness, anxiety and how to encounter them in meditation.

The “sassy minimalistic EPUB” 3rd. edition of her poetry chapbook is now exclusively available at INKBRUSHMOOD! You can check it out at Bonus: It’s at $6.99 🙂

Some previews under the cut!

Per Bloom, some of these poems were first published on her Tumblr blog, Sakura Zen. “I wanted to build a collection of all the poems and reflections I’ve posted over the years”, Bloom told IKB. “Some of these were expanded on review, and new ones were added to the collection as it took form”.

The glossy, full-color, highly illustrated KDP paperback (and the Kindle e-book version) can be found on Amazon >

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